Thursday, February 18, 2010

Celebrities in England Campaign to Keep the Fox Hunting Ban

Just as would occur in the US, the conservatives have promised to overturn and allow the cruel practice of fox hunting. We’ll see what happens.


Celebrities campaign to keep hunt ban

Thursday, February 18, 2010, 07:00

CELEBRITY animal rights campaigners today step up their campaign to keep the hunting ban, which the Conservatives have said they will repeal if they win the general election.

Senior politicians from each of the main parties today write exclusively for the Western Morning News, setting out their policy on the fifth anniversary of the legislation coming into force in England and Wales.

Environment Secretary Hilary Benn said Tory leader David Cameron must "come clean" about his policy to "reintroduce the practice of dogs tearing wild animals to pieces."

However, Mr Benn's Conservative opponent Nick Herbert reiterates his call for a free vote on repealing the law, branding the Act "the most symbolic example of Labour's disregard for rural areas".

Liberal Democrat environment spokesman Tim Farron says the law should be repealed, and replaced with a "more comprehensive animal welfare bill" which would allow cases of alleged cruelty to be properly tested in court.

With less than three months to go until the expected general election date of May 6, opponents of hunting have stepped up their campaign to protect the ban.

Sir Paul McCartney heads a list of stars opposing a return to fox hunting with hounds. In a report from Ifaw in Action, part of the International Fund for Animal Welfare, the former Beatle and animal welfare campaigner described the ban as an "historic victory for wildlife" that must be preserved.

Sir Paul said: "The scenes described in this report of how animals were hunted down and savaged with dogs for fun before the Hunting Act 2004 was passed are simply barbaric and shocking and should remain a part of Britain's past, not its future."

The report from Ifaw in Action claims there was "overwhelming scientific evidence" that hunting with dogs was cruel and that more than 100 people had been brought to justice for breaking the law.

The No Return to Cruelty report also said a recent Ipsos Mori poll of more than 2,000 adults found that 75 per cent, including seven out of 10 people in the countryside, did not support a repeal of the fox hunting ban.

Meanwhile, the League Against Cruel Sports today launches a film featuring celebrities watching footage of hunts.

Stars include former Doctor Who Colin Baker, One Foot in the Grave actress Annette Crosbie and Time Team presenter Tony Robinson. Naturalist Bill Oddie and ex-Hollyoaks actress Gemma Atkinson also appear.

League chief executive Douglas Batchelor said the reaction of the celebrities is "just hammering another nail into the hunter's coffin". He added: "Their bloodsport is a thing of history just like bear baiting."

A spokesman for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said: "The Government is satisfied that the Hunting Act is working and is legally sound and has no plans to introduce any changes to the legislation."

According to the Government, the Hunting Act was brought in to end practices the majority of people did not support because they caused unnecessary suffering.

Ministers believe the Act is legally sound and the police have made it clear they would enforce it.


Anonymous said...

The comments from the Lib Dem spokesperson are utterly ridiculous.

'Tim Farron says the law should be repealed, and replaced with a "more comprehensive animal welfare bill" which would allow cases of alleged cruelty to be properly tested in court'.

Isn't it appalling how something like bear baiting would be banned without a thought but a bloodsport that involves the better heeled of society suddenly needs to have the cruelty proved in court on a case by case basis.

There is no case for repeal. Hunt numbers are up all over the country. Drag hunting is legal. The sense of community, pageantry, heritage, and jobs are all still intact and yet these disgraceful people can’t manage to enjoy themselves unless they are terrifying and killing animals.

If you support the hunting act, please get your names on the R.O.A.R. (Register Online Against Repeal), an ‘all party’ list at:

Please make your voices heard!

GEARI.ORG said...

Thank you for your comment. Yes, to my stated by the reader, please "...get your names on the R.O.A.R. (Register Online Against Repeal), an ‘all party’ list at: "

Anonymous said...

Within our so-called democratic country 75% of the people living in England are opposed to hunting with hounds. A fox is not a piece of vermin, it has never been classed as vermin in natural history and is an accomplished scavenger and will more than often eat earthworms and insects than a lamb. An animals basic instinct is to kill to survive. We are meant to be an educated, intelligent species and yet we act so horrible towards things that cannot defend themselves. I've lived in the countryside for my entire life and you would not imagine the horror I have seen at the hands of the hunters: attacking monitors and saboteurs, the hundreds of pets that have been mauled, the hounds being killed on roads because they have been allowed to run riot, uncontrolled. I remember hearing my mother being told to "stand aside you fat cow" after not allowing them to come into our garden where my baby brother was playing with our dog. They do NOT own the countryside and they treat us like feudal overlords. I'm sick of the presumption of the countryside alliance assuming that the hunting is a class urban/rural divide when it is not. 75% of the country despise this so-called sport. The hunters are only annoyed because they're jaunty fun has been spoiled, they don't give a toss about agriculture. They run into fields, terrorfying cattle and sheep. Its a disgusting practice and must remain banned.

GEARI.ORG said...

Thank you for your comments!

GEARI.ORG said...

Thank you for your feedback.

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