Thursday, August 07, 2008

Olympic Gold Medalist Swimmer Amanda Beard Shows Courage and Raises Awareness to the Cruelty of Fur via Photo Shoot in China

I’ve always said that the people I respect the most are those that use their status to actually do something good, even in the face of controversy. This is especially the case with Amanda Beard. In an amazing move, she actually went against the draconian Chinese police and literally avoided their intervention by moving the shoot to a different location.

In a time such as now, and in a place such as China, where control of every movement is the norm, I fully applaud Amanda Beard for her courage in exposing the horrors of fur.

As stated in another article at, she is aware of the horrible cruelty of fur. "What happens with animals when their skin is ripped from their bodies when they are still alive, it's heartbreaking for me," she said. The Olympics provided a great platform for making those views known, she added.

For more on the horrors of fur, please visit

Please also check out her website,, for her thoughts and a link to a petition.

You can see the photo at



Amanda Beard Adds Animal Rights to Olympic Agenda


Just when you thought that the Olympics couldn’t handle any more controversies, here comes one that we can all get behind. Despite security concerns, US Swimmer Amanda Beard debuted her brand new PETA ad at the Athlete’s Village in Beijing.

“I have seen a lot of the videos, and (it) brings me to tears,” the four-time Olympian was quoted saying in a PETA statement. “What (some people) think is pretty is actually something that’s very gruesome and gross.”

The photo was scheduled to be unveiled at an indoor press conference but officials feared for Beard’s safety. Undaunted, she just took the whole thing outside.

I’d be happy to tell you more about her anti-fur resume, but you’re probably just looking at the picture anyway, Check out her website,, for her thoughts and a link to an animal rights petition.

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