Friday, January 18, 2008

Hollywood Superstar Natalie Portman to Launch Vegan Footwear Line: Ethical Vegan Sticks by Beliefs

Amazing that in this age there are still some superstars who live by an ethical conviction. Much respect to Natalie Portman for staying strong in the land of Hollywood.


Portman To Launch Vegan Footwear Line

Natalie Portman has collaborated with a fashion firm to launch a line of vegan footwear.

The Natalie Portman Collection -- made in partnership with specialty shoe retailer Te Casan and the actress' stylist Kate Young -- will feature 20 pairs of limited-edition, hand-crafted designs that are completely animal-friendly, with a price tag of $200 each.

The star says, "As a vegan, I don't wear leather, fur or feathers. Shopping for clothes hasn't proved too difficult, but finding chic footwear has definitely been a challenge."

Yaniv Shirazi, Te Casan president, adds, "We met with Kate and Natalie to discuss what Natalie was looking to do and it was immediately clear that this would be a fantastic collaboration.

"There are so few animal-free collections out there, and Natalie's ideas were really great, in terms of style."

The line will debut in stores February 1 with 100 percent of proceeds benefiting The Nature Conservancy, an organization dedicated to protecting the environment.


Anonymous said...

As a strong vegan and environmentalist, I am happy that Natalie Portman is designing this shoe company, especially since "100 percent of proceeds [will be] benefiting The Nature Conservancy, an organization dedicated to protecting the environment." However, I still can't help but wonder why the shoes will cost $200 a pop!? Are they ethically made, is that why? And if so, how much more does it really cost to ethically make a pair of shoes? This is the same problem I came across when Bono started his ethical clothing line EDUN. Everything was so expensive, I didn't know who was going to buy it except for celebrities. It's like these ethical shoe and clothing lines by celebrities only exist to boost the celebrities image to the rest of the public, after all, the celebrities are the only one who can afford to wear something so expensive. I would greatly appreciate if someone could answer my question as to the reasoning of why these clothing and shoe lines are so dang expensive.

Thanks! :)

GEARI.ORG said...

Excellent point! This is a very valid concern.

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