Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Russia Difficult Country to Live in for Vegetarians or Vegans

Nothing surprising here. Disappointing, but not surprising.


Russia not a place for veggies

The concept of vegetarians, and especially vegans, is not widely known or understood in Russia. Many people do not accept its idea and there’s even an online anti-vegan community. Health concerns is another reason why Russians remain sceptical.

Fur is fashionable, practical and certainly not taboo. And when the chill starts to bite, many Russians enjoy nothing more than warming up with a hearty meaty meal.

“I sense from others negative emotions towards myself, my family, my child. People find every possible way to prove I live the wrong type of life,” Oksana Markovchina, a vegan, says.

“People do not accept somebody different from themselves,” she adds.

But despite its lack of popularity, it’s relatively easy to be vegan in Moscow, as there are many soya food substitutes in the shops.

The biggest difficulty vegans have is buying clothes and materials, without leather.

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