Thursday, September 20, 2007

Another Event Puts Question to Zoos: In Norway, Bears Escape from Zoo and are Killed

Two points here:

One, the unnatural nature of putting bears behind bars.

Two, the idocy of defaulting to killing when any issue arises.


Animal Rights Association Questions Bear killings

The Animal Rights Association, NOAH, might report the zoo that has shot and killed three bears in three weeks to the police.The 11-year-old female bear and her two cubs escaped from the zoo in Grong last Monday. Today they were found – and killed.

The police officer in Grong, Herolv Nordaunet, said that the only right thing to do was to shoot the bears, and that they followed all safety guidelines and precautions.

Spokesperson Siri Martinsen from NOAH said that they are very upset that the bears could escape so easily. Not long ago, two young wolves also escaped and were shot and killed shortly after.

“These animal ethics are not acceptable,” Martinsen said.
Manager of the zoo, Randi Dille, said that she will look closer into what went on after the animals escaped.

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