Thursday, July 12, 2007

West Hollywood Bans Declawing of Cats: Upheld by State Appeals Court

Excellent move and hopefully the first of many.

To learn more about why declawing cats is wrong, see:

In essence, it is not a manicure. It is a serious surgery that literally removes the top bone in the toes. In fact, declawing equals mutilation. Really it is amputation.


Animal Rights’ Group Applauds Bans on Declawing of Cats*ws4d-db-query-Show.ws4d?

By : Daphna Nachminovitch : 7/10/07

West Hollywood’s groundbreaking ban on declawing cats, which was just upheld by a state appeals court, is the first such ban in the U.S., although 21 other countries have already banned this painful and “unnecessary mutilation,” as the British Veterinary Association calls it.

There are many humane and effective ways to prevent cats from damaging furniture short of amputating their toes, such as trimming front claws twice a month, putting double-sided tape on furniture that Kitty tends to scratch, and providing plenty of inexpensive cardboard scratching posts, especially in the areas where cats sleep (cats commonly stretch and scratch when they wake up).

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