Thursday, May 31, 2007

Egomaniac David Beckham's And Los Angeles Galaxy Push To Legalise The Importation And Sale Of Kangaroo Skins In California

I guess vanity and too much money just isn’t enough for glam boy Beckham and his new glam team the Los Angeles Galaxy.


Beckham in push for roo skin boots


June 01, 2007 02:15am

DAVID Beckham's new U.S. soccer team is behind a bid to legalise the importation and sale of kangaroo skins in California - so soccer players can wear boots made from the marsupials' leather.

After years of lobbying by sportswear giant adidas, the California Senate voted this week to end California's 37-year import ban on kangaroo products.

The Senate kangaroo Bill has pitted the Los Angeles Galaxy and CD Chivas USA soccer teams against animal rights activists.

The Bill passed in the Senate - after four years of failed efforts - would allow a kangaroo product to be imported and sold in California if the species were not otherwise protected by laws in the U.S. and abroad.

The Bill must still be approved by the Assembly and signed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to come into force.

Of the 55 species of kangaroos in Australia, six are commercially harvested and exported, including red kangaroos and eastern and western gray kangaroos.

Animal activists are fighting the proposal, which they say will lead to the deaths of endangered roos because hunting is done at night so it is hard to identify the exact species.

Lauren Ornelas, spokeswoman for animal rights organisation Viva USA, said Adidas had been relentless in spending about $530,000 to promote the Bill.

"Kangaroos are wildlife, not shoes," she said.

"Adidas needs to get in step with the times and use synthetic materials."

LA Galaxy president Alexi Lalas said California's law deprived his team.

"It is unfair to have these products freely available for commercial purchase in all of the other 49 states and not here," he said.

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