Thursday, November 16, 2006

Wisconsin Humane Society Joins Group in Calling for End to Use of Live Dogs at the Medical College of Wisconsin

For more information on the use of live animals in medical schools, including alternatives and a list of medical schools that DO NOT use live animals see

You’ll see from that link that the top medical schools DO NOT use live animals in their curriculum. Therefore, the quote in the article below in which the college spokesman says it’s necessary is just fully not correct.


Med school, physician group argue merit of using live animals in labs

MILWAUKEE The Wisconsin Humane Society and a group called Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is protesting the use of live dogs at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

The Milwaukee school uses about 60 dogs _ usually beagles _ in a class for first-year students. After a dog is anesthetized, students study its circulatory system. And, the dog is later euthanized.

The Humane Society and Physicians Committee say students can learn just as well from computer models and simulators.

Medical College spokesman Dick Katschke (KASH'-kee) says use of live animals provides a learning opportunity that can't be matched. He says the school is considering switching to pigs instead of dogs.

But Jeff Rusinow (ROO'-sin-ow) of the Wisconsin Humane Society says it doesn't make sense for 60 dogs to die when there are teaching alternatives.

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