Thursday, June 23, 2005

Help Stop Tiger Exhibition at Arizona Car Dealership

I can imagine the hell of traveling in cages through Arizona now when temperatures are well into the 100s.

In addition, don't car dealers already have a bad reputation for lying? Why continue it with this false plea to care for a type of tiger that actually was created through genetic manipulation? Don't they have any dignity?


Avondale Hyundai is currently promoting an exhibition of white tigers at
their sales dealership, through Saturday, June 25.

An advertisement touts the event as "an exclusive opportunity for you to
get up close and personal with an endangered species that needs your
help", and that "photo opportunities will be available."

Tigers are an endangered species; only about 5,000 to 7,400 tigers are
left in the wild. However, white tigers are actually Bengal tigers that
have undergone genetic manipulation through captive breeding. Despite
health and behavioral problems caused by inbreeding, white tigers create
a popular draw for circuses and the exotic pet industry. The
"conservation" of white tigers is no more than exploitation.

What You Can Do

Please contact Avondale Hyundai at 623.388.5800. Tell them that
exploiting animals and using inbred tigers under the guise of
"conservation" is no way to sell cars. If you are planning to purchase an
automobile, let them know that you will look elsewhere as a result of
this promotion.

Thanks for your help!

Animal Defense League of Arizona
To join or donate to ADLA, click here.

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