Friday, May 06, 2005

Tortured wolf in Turkey needs HELP - Very Easy to DO!

This is an easy action. Please read and act. These people are sick!

Kurt, tortured wolf in Turkey needs HELP !!! Friday, 5:51 PM
Crosspost widely!

Please take a few minutes and do this. I have removed the photos so all
receive. I am sending to all contacts and groups, whether on topic or
not. You
can view the photos, horrible as they are, on Yahoo photos in the Kurt

You do not have to look, but please follow the directions below and
send the

Please note I did NOT take these photos. I am only a messenger and one
voice for this innocent yet horribly tortured creature.

Again, another horrible act of cruelty in Turkey. Some may feel this
nothing to do with us, after all, it's a country a world away. I feel
it has
everything to do with us. It has everything to do with any
compassionate person, be
you a dog person, kitty person, bird person, or whatever. Remember the
puppies that were raped until they died? That was also in Turkey.

For this heinous act, the torturers received a very small fine. A
don't think I want to be human anymore either.

How can YOU help?

Copy this addy block into the TO: and CC: fields of a new email

TO: ;

CC:;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
'';;;;; ; ;

Then put this text into the email, edit or write your own,don't forget
sign with your information:

Dear Sir,

We want you to punish the people who tortured the wolf on February 22nd
in Malazgirt according to turkish animal protection bill law’s
24’th article.
These people are named Ahmet Gurel, Halis Guvenir, Dincer Yazici and
Guvenir. Please ban them from keeping animals, seize the animals and
take their
animals into protection in accordance with article 24 of law no.5199.

Best regards,

Your Name,




Here is the law:

Taking animals into care ARTICLE 24 – Persons who act in breach of
provisions of this Law relating to animal welfare and who in this
manner seriously
neglect the animals in their care or cause them pain, suffering or
damage will
be banned from keeping animals by the supervisory authorities and the
will be seized. The said animals will be given to new owners or taken

Dear Ozgun's testimony on this horror:

The wolf had a hundred eyes...
I guess, if I did not go mad tonight, I never will..

I guess, if my heart dealt with the enormous sorrow I felt tonight, it
deal with anything..

I have told you before, I'm telling you again: I do not wish to be
called a
human anymore. I refuse to be called a human.

Tonight, I have seen a torture with my very eyes. With these "human"
eyes, I
saw the torture the humans and their children did on a god's creature,
to be a "wild" wolf..

I saw a living being's eyes filled with fear.

I saw a piece of wood shoved in his mouth, and I saw him being tied up.
I saw
him tied to a chain from his hind leg, dragged on the ground.

I saw a bunch calling themselves "humans", pick the animal up from his

and pose to the cameras.

I saw the blood pouring out from his mouth when they took the piece of

I saw the torture this creature went through, all because God created
him as
a wolf, and he was acting by his nature.

I saw a huge Anatolian shepherd dog released onto him to kill him.

I saw the humans poke him with sticks after he was ripped apart by the

I saw the creature known as "humans" torturing a creature that was
according to his nature. I saw the humans enjoying this very torture.

I was so afraid of what I saw tonight...

I was not afraid of the "wild" wolf one bit tonight...

I was so afraid of these humans, and their children tonight.

They were laughing, giggling, posing, enjoying...

The wolf, on the other hand, had his eyes wide open, looking at each
every one of them. The wolf was all eyes... As if the wolf became
hundreds of

and seeing everyone who was torturing him and enjoying it, as well as
everyone watching him on their tv sets.

The wolf was seeing the whole world, and asking:


I will never ever forget that wolf, his eyes and what he lived

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