Monday, January 31, 2005

Class B-Dealer C.C. Baird Out of Business PERMANENTLY!!!

For those of you who do not know what Class B-Dealers are, please see They really are a terrible part of the system which allows scum to literally steal dogs from back yards and sell to testing facilities. Just terribly wrong and sad. Finally, one the the most notorious was sentenced. But, only after much work. Please read below..... By the way, Last Chance for Animals is a great group.

Many of you will remember CC Baird as the B dog dealer who sold dogs (some stolen) to CU for their physiology dog labs. Among B dealers (who more or less are the scum of the earth) he is considered notorious.

From Last Chance for Animals:

UPDATE! 1/28/05
Class B-Dealer C.C. Baird
Out of Business PERMANENTLY!!!

"Respondents C.C. Baird, Patsy Baird, Jeannette Baird, and Patricia Baird, their agents and employees, successors and assigns, directly or through any corporate or other device, shall cease and desist from violating the Animal Welfare Act and the Regulations and Standards."


Class B-Dealer C.C. Baird's civil trial was scheduled to begin on January 24, 2005, but LCA received word on Friday, January 21, 2005 that both sides reached a settlement and the case did not go to trial. Details of this settlement were not made public until now.

The consent decision was signed and finalized on Friday, January 28, 2005 and includes the following terms:

The licenses of C.C. Baird, his wife Patsy, and their two daughters, Patricia and Jeanette, have all been PERMANENTLY REVOKED.

C.C Baird personally assessed a civil penalty of $12,700.

Fines amounted to $250,000, the largest fine EVER imposed by the USDA/APHIS.

A five year probation including a penalty of $250,000 (without further procedure) if any Baird is caught engaging in any activities under which their licenses were revoked.

C.C. Baird's "Martin Creek Kennels" and Patsy's "Pat's Pine Tree Farms" are OUT OF BUSINESS FOR GOOD!

Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) will confiscate all 100 dogs and 180 cats currently on the Baird property in the next week. (More details on this later).


LCA's undercover investigations acquired over 72 hours of video surveillance footage at Baird's facility - Martin Creek Kennels - detailing overwhelming amounts of cruelty, abuse, neglect, and unsanitary conditions, which subsequently led to the USDA charging Baird with hundreds of violations of the Animal Welfare Act. For more information, please visit our site:

LCA thanks you for all of your support on this case. Together we MADE a difference! Now we wait for the criminal indictment!

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For the Animals,

Last Chance for Animals
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