Monday, February 27, 2012

ALERT: Avon, Mary Kay, and Estée Lauder Begin Testing on Animals Again: I Repeat – THEY NOW TEST ON ANIMALS. Why? Well Because of China, Of Course.

I’m going to let this one run today instead of posting others as well. Why? Can’t you see why? This is huge and very devastating news.

You know how many people will never read this story and will keep buying from these companies thinking they’re cruelty free? Quite a few. I hear from people all the time that these horrible companies ended animal testing. Well, yes, they did a while back, BUT, they have re started. So, please spread this horrible news and go back to boycotting Avon, Mary Kay, and Estée Lauder.

So why are they going back to cruel vivisection that is unnecessary? Well, the obvious – China, the cruelest country on Earth. They “…have been quietly paying for poisoning tests on animals at the behest of the Chinese government in order to market their products in China.

And, as you know, China loves to torture animals. So, they don’t care. But what’s to note here is that Avon, Mary Kay, and Estée Lauder never really cared about animal welfare when they stopped before. It’s all about the market and selling the most products. So, obviously then, they want the cruel Chinese to use their products as there are so many of them. So, they’ve decided to screw any concerns of their customers who do not want to torture animals and instead bow down to the cruelest around.

Here is the link to the story.

BTW, we offer links to the Companies that Test on Animals List and the Companies that Do Not Test on Animals List. Get them and use them to know who not to spurt when shopping.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Evil Chinese Behind Massive Elephant Massacre in Cameroon: Poachers Kill More than 200: Once Again, their Selfish Ways Lead to Mass Cruelty

Sorry but I only had time to post this one story today.

I'll start with this quote from this very disturbing and sad story:

"TRAFFIC has said that the spike in poaching and illegal ivory trade in Africa was a direct consequence of China's investment drive into the continent."

And I'll add this:

"Citing a record number of large scale ivory seizures in 2011, TRAFFIC, a conservation group which tracks trends in wildlife trading, has warned of a surge in elephant poaching in Africa to meet Asian demand for tusks for use in jewelry and ornaments."

As we know, no species is safe when the Chinese are around. They not only love to eat everything that walks, including dogs and cats, they also think they are entitled to kill such majestic creatures like Elephants so that they can have jewelry. There is no end to their selfishness.

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